Home Ownership

Home Ownership

1. Your family is in need of a decent home.  Maybe the current house your family lives in has major structural problems, no indoor plumbing, or other unsafe or unsanitary conditions.  Perhaps you’re renting and there is not enough room for you and your family.

2. Your income meets the following guidelines.  (Extraordinary family expenses or circumstances may be taken into consideration when determining disposable income.)


3. You have reasonably good credit history.  Owning a home is a very long-term commitment.  You must have a history of fiscal responsibility before undertaking this commitment.

4. You have the ability to pay a $300 – $500 mortgage.

5. Your family is willing to put in 340 hours of “sweat equity”.  Habitat for Humanity houses are built with the help of corps of volunteers–this includes your family. You must agree to put in 340 hours of work on your new home, other Habitat homes, or with other Habitat projects. Whatever work you do will be dependent upon your skills and health.

6. You must live in the Armstrong County area. There are many Habitat affiliates in the world, and we respect each other’s territory.  If you reside outside the Armstrong County area, please find a Habitat affiliate that is closer to the area in which you    live.

Email Mike at ArmstrongHabitat@gmail.com for an application.